Sunday, February 14, 2016

A silent love letter.

I've been so silent after awhile.  I don't know what to write or isn't I'm too lazy to post anything in my blog.  I've been waiting for a few month to think what to share or what can I shared about my life.

I have lost my father few month ago (04/14/2015) and we still felt the lost and misses him so much.  Although he is not my biological father but still among all man in the world he is the only person who willing to lend his name to be in my birth certificate.  I don't realize how time flies and thinking that I have a short time to be with him, to laugh, to share my joy and to share some of my bitterness.

Papa, i don't know whether you knowing about what I feel.  
I want to thank you for being a father and a person I can call 'Bapak'.  I didn't know that last December will be the last journey we travel on the road and having our plenty time talking to each other.  Pa, I can't believe that I would bought the last shirt for you on the day I went to Thailand the place I love to visit.  I will not receive any weekly call before Christmas from you again.  I remember last February I called you and ask you to go to the hospital to check your swollen legs and you scolded me.  Through all my life, that is the first time you scolded me and talk really harsh to me.  I was really disappointed and couldn't believe that is the last time.  I remember the last called when we talk for more than an hour on the phone and you told me about Amanda's boyfriend and I didn't know that would be the last call from you.  I can't believe that the last selfie we took will be the last photo of us.

Pa,  Tears can't bring you to life but your character makes us know that everyone is not perfect.  Your hard headed makes us realize that not all decision are worth for everything we do but it means a lot to other people when they think about it.  

Pa, thanks for your prayer and everything you have done in our live.  Love from our big family.  

In loving memory of Richard Balang Surang.  Always be missed by us.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lawas-Labuan-KK-Kudat-Kundasang-Manukan 2013


After a long month I didn't really blog...  Still busy with my normal life after came back from a week holiday trip.

Ok, this year we are going to Sabah again.  Again!!!  Everyone who knew we went to Sabah wondering what is so special about Sabah until we are going for our 2nd trip this year, well...let me tell u..a week of holidays bring us to plenty places we can go.

First day we landed in the land of Sabah, we straightaway drove to Lawas (My home town), where it tooks about 3 hours plus from Kota Kinabalu.

 Wing view from the plane...

Safely landed KKIA

Our journey begin in the van from Kota Kinabalu to Lawas

Siga-Siga Satay is one of the famous satay stall in Sipitang (Sabah-Sarawak border)

Kundasang, Sabah

Dairy Milk Farm, Kundasang

War memorial, Kundasang

                                                                  Lawas market

My friends learn how to make Luba Laya from Grandma.  Rice in the leaves, one of the Lun Bawang tradisional food

                                                            Them with my grandparents

                  Next trip to Labuan using boat express...  Lawas - Labuan takes about 3 hours

                                                      Labuan surrender point memorial

Next will be Labuan - Menumbok then using bas to Kota Kinabalu.

On our way to Kudat, Sabah

Kampung Madu

Welcome to the tip of Borneo, Mengayau Kudat.  It was the end of Sabah and you can see the South China Sea..

Next day, we are going to Manukan Island.  One of the famous Island in Sabah

Last night, will be recharge time before heading back to Kuching.  Sweet memory yeah...